Portfolio Assessment

The Non-EKU Academic Credit Policy allows EKU students to demonstrate competency in specific courses and thus receive EKU academic credit in those subject areas through a portfolio assessment. To be eligible, students must be enrolled as a degree seeking student in good academic standing with 12 credit hours of recently completed EKU coursework.

*Not all departments participate in awarding credit for prior learning or they may limit which courses are eligible for credit through portfolio assessment. Students should check with the department prior to initiating the procedure.

How Does Portfolio Assessment Work?

Your academic advisor will help you determine what degree requirements your previous experience might help you complete. You will identify the learning outcomes in the desired EKU course and build your portfolio accordingly.

Portfolios consist of several elements including a written reflection and a 5 to10 page narrative, along with evidence to support your learning.  This evidence will probably include artifacts like presentations, reports, letters from employers, certifications, etc.

Your portfolio will be evaluated by a trained content expert in the area for which you are seeking credit. If your portfolio is deemed acceptable for college level credit then EKU’s Registrar’s office will be notified and the appropriate credit will be applied to your academic record.