American Council on Education (ACE)

The American Council on Education (ACE) is an evaluation service for non-academic learning through both civilian and military experiences.

Civilians with specific industry trainings or open-source course credit may attempt to find their experiences listed in the ACE database. If present, you may request for ACE to send a transcript bearing their credit recommendations for evaluation by EKU faculty. Evaluations are stored within our transfer equivalency database. Established equivalencies can be found using their ACE ID as the course code.   

Military members (with the exception of the US Air Force) automatically have their trainings and occupations from their Joint-Service Transcripts (JST) evaluated by ACE. Credit recommendations are received with the JST and are recorded on the student record by the ACE ID. Established military equivalencies can also be found in our transfer equivalency database by the appropriate ACE ID. Multiple records may exist for one code due to variations between versions and ranks—details that are included in the public note in the database.

The Office of Military and Veteran Affairs plays a primary role in mitigating the military credit process. For more details, please visit their website or contact