Placement Testing

College students who attend directly after high school usually use ACT or SAT scores to place into the appropriate level mathematics, reading, and writing courses. Adults who are attending or returning to finish a degree are not required to provide these scores. Course placement can be accomplished through transfer credit or placement testing.

Placement through Transfer Credit

Academic credit earned through acceptable colleges and universities is part of a student's record, and it will transfer to EKU. Once these courses are evaluated, they will be matched to corresponding EKU courses, which can serve for both placement and prerequisite requirements. Placement testing for transfer students should be considered only after their transcripts are evaluated and added to their EKU record. 

Placement Testing

The Office of Academic Testing administers tests to admitted students who need to prove readiness in a subject area to register for the appropriate courses. For more information, please review their website

Kentucky Adult Education Programs: Adult Learners who wish to refresh their skills in math and language arts prior to taking placement tests should contact the Adult Education program in their county. The Madison County Adult Education Program may be contacted @ 859-622-8065 or .