Credit for Prior Learning

Eastern Kentucky University recognizes students may have educational experiences that occur outside the traditional college setting. We have a process for turning this learning from professional experience into academic credit, whether it’s from a workplace training, military service, community service or many others. Depending on the type of experiences you hope to have recognized, the evaluation process may look different.

ACE (American Council on Education) credit

ACE credit is the primary method of having military credit recognized. ACE evaluates Joint Service Transcripts and provides credit-bearing recommendations for military trainings and occupations. ACE also evaluates industry trainings and open-source courses, so it may be helpful for non-military students as well.

AP (Advanced Placement Program) credit

AP credit is usually earned in the final years of high school. Adult learners who previously completed AP coursework and college credit testing may still be able to access that credit.

CLEP (College Level Examination Program)

CLEP tests are available to all students who want to test in subjects commonly found within the first two-years of a college degree plan. Successful students have a meaningful foundational education in the subjects. These tests may be used to complete degree requirements and place into higher level courses. 

DANTES Standardized Subject Test (DSST)

A DSST is an examination that bears college credit. These tests are available to all students, though Military students may be reimbursed for specific exams.

Departmental Exams

Many EKU departments have created and maintained Credit by Examination options for their students. Students who have extensive experience or skills in an area may be able to test for college credit.

Portfolio Assessment

Prior learning credit does not always take the form of a test. Students with specific occupational experiences may be able to petition for academic credit through a portfolio assessment.