Project Graduate: Frequently Asked Questions

top of page  How do I request more information about Project Graduate?
If you would like more information please take a few moments to fill out the Project Graduate Student Profile online form.  This information will help us to customize our information to fit your individual situation.  You can also contact EKU's Project Graduate liaison for additional information or answers to specific questions.

 top of page  What are the flexible degree completion options I’ve heard about?
EKU has a remarkable Bachelor of Arts in General Studies program that is ideal for accelerated degree completion.  It optimizes the number of hours you have already earned while giving you increased flexibility in choosing the courses you would like to take in order to complete your degree.

top of page  How can I find out what classes I still need to take?
You will need to reactivate your academic records with EKU. Coursework which has been completed prior to 1982 will take slightly longer to reactivate since is not stored in our current system.

top of page  How do I reactivate my EKU academic records?
Project Graduate students can reactivate their records by completing the Application for Undergraduate Admission online form.  Understand reactivation implies no obligation to enroll in classes and no application fee is required.

top of page  I didn't have a very high GPA my first time in college.  Will that prevent me from graduating?
No!  Even students who were academically dismissed may be able to return to complete their EKU degree after 2 years under our Academic Bankruptcy Policy.  You can discuss this option with your Project Graduate liaison.

top of page  Will I be able to transfer courses I have taken at other institutions?
Yes!  You can do this by requesting official transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended be sent to Eastern. An official transcript is defined as having the seal of the college or university and the signature of the registrar. The transcript must be sent directly from the institution to the EKU Office of Admissions.

top of page  How do I contact the Office of Admissions?

Office of Admissions
Eastern Kentucky University
521 Lancaster Avenue
Richmond, Ky. 40475-3154

Phone:859-622-2106 or
Toll-Free: 800-465-9191
859-622-8024 (Fax)

top of page  How can I finish my degree if I don't live near EKU?
There are several options for taking courses, including online learning and at our regional campuses and through other institutions near your place of residence.

top of page  What options are available to help me finance my degree completion?
There are many options available to assist you with paying for your education. Some employers offer tuition reimbursement programs for their employees so you may want to start there. Other options include financial aid and private loans. The Project Graduate liaison is ready to assist in exploring a variety of options available to you. Also, remember certain tax benefits for education are offered for qualifying expenses.  Please see your tax accountant for more information.