Inside Look

Former Student, 57, Finishes Degree Online

After 25 years in the mortgage industry, Rodney Mills faced a difficult choice when the markets crashed almost a decade ago.

“I looked at the industry and where it was going, and not going, and began to think I needed to position myself to do other things.”

Success Story

Kathline Hartch attended a four year college upon graduating from high school. After several semesters, she discovered that she was not prepared for a college atmosphere. After some time away from the academic environment, Kathline has decided now is the right time to obtain her degree at Eastern Kentucky University.

Learn more about Kathline's story.

Success Story

Rebecca Moore completed two years of college after high school. She returned to Eastern Kentucky University to finish her degree. She is now employed at EKU as a Program Specialist with the College of Justice and Safety.  Watch the video and learn more about Rebecca's story.